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Window/door restoration service

KP carpentry's professional timber restoration service can rescue your windows/doors from being replaced. Using windowcare system: dryflex which is a  highly durable 2 part resin that can be moulded to follow any shape.

We remove all rot using specialist drills  and restore windows/doors with a combination of timber splices and dry-flex filler/resin.

Wet rot removed from sash window ready to be repaired.

Wet rot removed.

Wet rot removed from sash window and timber spliced in with dry-flex repair.

New timber & resin repair.

Windows badly affected by wet rot before repair.

All rot removed zoom for closer look.

Rotten window after resotoration and painted

Fully repaired & painted.

Badly rotten sash window, all wet rot removed ready to be repaired.
Window care repair, timber splices & dryflex repair ready to be painted.
Rotten doors repaired, wet rot repair.

Middle Stage (new timber sections)

Doors painted after wet rot repairs.


Wet rot removed

Rotten window, wet rot removed ready for repair.

Wet rot removed.

Wet rot on windows removed ready for repairs.

Rounded windows all rot removed.

New timber splices & dry-flex repairs

Casement window repair, new timber spliced in & dryflex repair. Window restored reasy for painting.

New timber sections with dryflex repairs.

Rotten windows repaired with timber splices and dry-flex (window care). Ready to be painted.

Timber splice & dryflex repair.


After restoration

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